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Deciding about your profession is one of the main decisions you will take in your life. Preparing for this decision, and then taking the needed steps to educate yourself towards your decided choice should be done in a serious and thorough manner. Find out if the nursing profession is for you, and what you should do before entering a nursing program.

Why Become A Nurse? Are you wondering to yourself, why become a registered nurse? If you've been thinking about nursing for some time you may have a nurturing side of your personality that means you enjoy helping people and taking care of them. You may also have an aptitude for science and medicine and find these things fascinating... read more

How Long Does it Take to Become a Nurse? You have probably learned from the news or Internet that nursing is great career these days. The pay is great and you are assured that you will have a job after taking up nursing. The question most people ask these days is, “How long does it take to become a nurse?”... read more

Nursing Prerequisites If you are going to school for a nursing degree, you will find that there are certain nursing prerequisites that you will need in order to be able to get your degree. While each school will vary slightly, there are certain prerequisites for nursing that are standard in each facility... read more

Prerequisites for Registered Nursing Although a nurse can work in many health care settings as a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse), most nurses prefer getting a Registered Nursing License. This more advanced license opens much more career options, and gives them higher salary. Even nurses that start out as practical nurses will often pursue a registered nurse license later in their career... read more

Pre Nursing Programs There are now a lot of universities that offer pre nursing programs to students. This is where they get a bird’s eye view on what nursing is all about. A lot of universities prefer that you take up some courses before going into the baccalaureate program for nurses. Nursing is a complex profession that students need to be oriented before going into the nursing course. The courses can also help students decide if they really want to major in nursing. Students can assess themselves and see if nursing is a good fit for them... read more

Nursing Studies Prerequisites Overview Going to nursing school can be a life changing experience. With so many careers open in the medical field, nursing is one of those careers that will always be stable no matter the economic climate. Whether you are looking into entry-level training courses, BSN or MSN programs, or anything in between, having the right prerequisites is key for entering any quality nursing program... read more

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