The Rush to Fulfill Nursing Prerequisites

How can future nursing students fulfill all their pre-nursing requirements, when part of the courses are given only in the spring or summer semester, and the nursing course will be starting already in the spring?

Some pre-nursing students found an innovative though demanding way to overcome this obstacle: In order not to miss a semester (or in some cases a full year) while waiting for the nursing prerequisite courses to open, they cross-enroll in more than one university or college, picking in each institute the courses that will give them the right credits towards nursing studies.

The Spartan Daily reports from San Jose:

“People want to graduate as soon as possible,” said Ngo, a junior pre-nursing major. “They don’t want to be stuck here just because they couldn’t get their classes. They don’t want to want to throw away $3000 because they couldn’t get their classes, which is the unfortunate part.”

So Kenny Ngo, a future nursing student in the San Jose State University (SJSU), had enrolled for some classes in the Evergreen Valley College.

Sometimes cross-enrollment is the solution even if the required class is given during the “right” semester: The demand for nursing classes is high, and the prerequisite class may be already full.

Not everyone finds this solution satisfactory. Studying in two different campuses may come out more expensive, and takes much more of your time as you are required to travel between the two different campuses. some find it is just not worth it, as says Esther Kiang, in the same article:

The time I needed to spend commuting to different schools meant that I didn’t have time to work if I wanted to maintain the minimum GPA required to apply for the nursing program,” Kiang said.



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