Nursing Shortage – Not Only in the USA

We often hear about the big shortage in nurses in the USA. What not everyone knows is that this shortage is not only in the US. Most western countries suffer from such a nurses. As the life span of the general population grows, and the span of medical possible intervention grows too, more and more nurses and needed.

The nurses in Israel have started a strike last week, and no end in sight. The nurses say they cannot continue with the current work load. They demand higher salaries which will draw more students to the nursing schools and to joining the nursing forces in Israeli hospitals.

Ilana Cohen, head of the nursing union in the country, is quoted in Ha’aretz:

“For years the treasury has not allocated resources to significantly improve the wage and labor conditions of nurses, thus leading the nursing system in Israel to the verge of collapse,”

Similar claims are made by Shaul Zakay, the head of the nurses association at the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv, in ynetnews

“Our profession is facing a serious crisis… There is an immense nurse shortage, which puts the existing nursing workforce under terrible pressure and undermines the quality of care.”

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