New Accelerated Nursing Programs to be Opened in Utica

Over 1600 people were interested in enrolling to the new Accelerated Nursing Program to be opened in Utica College in Januray during the program’s planning stages. This just goes to show how hot is the nursing profession these days, when the grim economic situation has been hitting one industry after the other. The need for nurses is always in the grow. With the longer life expectation, the growing number of previously known as fatal diseases which are now curable, and with the bigger percentage of infant survival, the demand for nurses is rocketing.

The new program will have 24 slots for people who already haveĀ a bachelor degree in a field other than nursing, and are looking to change careers. The program is built to fit people who are already older and do not have the time or patience for another 3-4 years of studies. It will run for 4 semsters (16 months), with no summer or winter breaks, and will be partially online.

The prerequisites for the program will be given on individual basis, examining the previous study curriculum of each candidate and determining what pre-nursing programs should be done.

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