More Nurse Practitioners Needed due to Health Care Reform

As millions of people are now getting new insurance coverage due to the Federal Health Care Reform, the demand for nurse practitioners is rising. More people are now getting sufficient primary care, but only 10% of doctors are going into this field. A growing portion of primary care is given today by nurse practitioners, as reported by the mySA.

The nurse practitioner license is given only to nurses with sufficient post-graduate background, the universities are extending their nursing programs, and creating new ones.

Another initiative taken by nursing schools is opening new nurse-managed clinics which will give the needed primary care for the growing populations of insured patients. The public is learning to accept these new clinics, and universities get demands from rural areas to open such clinics. ‘“We can provide accessible, high-quality primary care in a nurse-led model for one-third the cost of a traditional medical model staffed by physicians,”  says Julie Novak, vice dean and professor in the School of Nursing at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

Says Julie Novak


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