Central Louisiana Colleges Offer More Nursing Programs

Following the Institute for Medical Report’s recommendation that by 2020 80% of Registered Nursing force will have a BSN degree, Louisiana colleges are in a rush to offer RN to BSN programs to meet demand. As reported in a recent article in thetowntalk.com, Louisiana colleges are offering various programs for practicing registered nurses in order to help them meet this recommendation. As of today, only 49% of practicing have a bachelor’s degree.

Elizabeth Battalora, chairwoman of the LSUA Department of Nursing, is quoted as saying: “There is a lot of work to do in the next seven and a half years. It requires nursing curriculum to be very rigorous and to be forward thinking.”

As most practicing RN’s will not have the time to attend a full-time in-campus programs, most of these programs offer at least part of the curriculum online.

As the demand for more educated nurses continues to grow, Central Louisiana schools offer also LPN to RN programs, for those nurses who have not yet completed there Associate degree. Nurses who have completed their bachelor degree are encouraged to continue their education so that they can go for a Nurse Practitioner license.


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