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Whether you are looking into the nursing profession as your first or second career, whether you are choosing your nursing school or still considering what type of program you are looking for; Whether you are searching what prerequisites you should take, or what path you should follow; Whether you are a nurse looking to advance your career, or a student trying to decide what nursing specialization you should take - this website is for you.

The goal of this website is to give information for anyone interested in nursing studies. You can find here information about the various nursing classes available: What types of degrees and programs are available, where can you take them, what nursing classes do you have to take in order to get the various degrees, etc. You can also find here lists of available nursing schools in your area. Each school is listed with a few lines of description which we hope you will find helpful in making your decision when choosing the best school for you.

Nursing Programs

Do you want to become a practical nurse, a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner? Would you like to graduate with a bachelor degree or do you prefer the shorter ASN? Find out what are the possibilities.

Nursing Schools

How will you choose your nursing school? Are you looking for a school in Indiana or California? Look her for a list of nursing schools in various states, and for tips for finding the school that suits you.

Becoming a Nurse

How do you prepare yourself to becoming a nurse?
What are the prerequisites you should take in order to be admitted to the program of your choice?
Read here to find out.

Nursing Careers

There are so many types of nurses. You can work as an emergency room nurse, a geriatric nurse, a schools nurse; Once you decide to become a nurse, you have a very wide choice of nursing careers to choose from.

Nursing News

Read about the new trends in nursing, the new programs opening in the various schools, and many more news bits relating to nursing, nursing studies, and nurses.

More Nursing Articles

Read about Florence Nightingale who established the nursing profession, about the importance of CEU classes, about nursing certification and nursing school scholarships, and more.

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